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GATEWAY TO THE UNCONSCIOUS: An acting and writing workshop

At its most basic, this workshop is an opportunity to make art and be around the sacred practice of art making.

In this workshop we will be using your personal voice, through writing, clowning and acting exercises, to create work that expands you as an artist/human.


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“I love working with actors. I love their bravery. I believe they give humanity a great gift when they reveal themselves, their minds and hearts and souls. I love holding the space for artists to share their deepest truths.”
– Deborah Kampmeier

Deborah Kampmeier has worked with such actors as Robin Wright, Dakota Fanning, Elisabeth Moss, and Piper Laurie. Her former students include Caitlin Fitzgerald, Audra McDonald, Casey Wilson, and June Raphael.

Through honing deep levels of concentration and relaxation, you will gain the clarity to make powerful choices and the confidence to be alive in the unknown possibilities that happen when you are performing. Find the missing link in your acting.  In a safe supportive environment you will gain access to what you and only you have to offer.

“Deborah’s class changed me completely as an actress. She creates an environment that allows actors to take the kind of risks that we all dream of taking, and offers techniques that help you to stay focused on creating your work with artistry and vulnerability. I’ve seen all of the actors in her class grow into performers I can’t take my eyes off of. Deborah is a master teacher!”Marisa V.

“Deborah is like no other acting teacher in New York City. She goes above and beyond to give each individual student a tailored and unique experience based on the students needs. I leave class feeling inspired and able to tackle any role with concentration and relaxation. She’s made me a better artist and I’m forever grateful. “ - Daniella R.

“This class will change your life. Whether you are an actor, a director, a writer, an artist, or simply a human wanting to have greater access to emotional depth this class is a profound experience. This is not your typical acting class, but a part of a spiritual journey where Deborah is a shaman who guides you to your best work.”Alexandra R.

“In Deborah’s class, I am re-learning the process of how to approach the work. This starts with the Self. Deborah teaches us to come from and accept our authentic selves. She creates a space to exercise, exorcise, unlearn habits and to swim in deep and dangerous waters under her keen and masterful eye. I especially value her emphasis on the importance of slowing down our instruments and learning to really focus on all that is involved in doing one thing at time.”Joie L.

“Deborah has the incredible ability to help actors discover their unique qualities and holds the space for them to nurture and magnify those atributes.”Jason A.

“Working with Deborah has radically changed my craft. I have a more relaxed and concentrated instrument. She doesn’t teach externals. She teaches you internals so you can apply this work to any situation with confident sensitivity. The work will be unique, specific, surprising, all the while having control over being uncontrolled and unforced.”Hwalan S.

“Working with Deborah is a magical, soul searching process. She will not rest until you have found the deep and honest place of your character – and ultimately yourself. It has been one of the most transformative learning experiences of my life and I recommended it to anyone who wants to do deep and powerful work.” - Marcy G.

“Deborah has helped me get back to my authentic self. Her technique has sharpened my skill to be in the moment and to trust my gut. It’s taught me the art of playing and letting go of expectations. It’s freed me as an artist and as an individual. This class is like no other class I’ve experienced. “Sahar B.