Deborah Kampmeier

photo credit Mikaela Martin

Deborah Kampmeier

Deborah Kampmeier’s first feature Virgin, starring Elisabeth Moss and Robin Wright was nominated for two 2004 Independent Spirit Awards;  Best Actress for Elisabeth Moss and the John Cassavetes Award for Kampmeier.

Her second feature Hounddog, starring Dakota Fanning was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Deborah’s third feature, SPLit, won Best of Show at the 2016 Female Eye Film Festival and was nominated for the Independent Vision Best Film at the 2016 Sarasota Film Festival.

Deborah has just finished production on her fourth feature TAPE, starring Isabelle Fuhrman.

Deborah is the founder of Full Moon Films, a company dedicated to the development and production of films by and about women.  Full Moon Films is located upstate NY where Deborah lives with her daughter Sophia and husband John.
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