Christoph Sanders in Hounddog

Christoph Sanders booked his first professional role at the age of eleven. He played Tiny Tim in the Flat Rock Playhouse’s production of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol in Flat Rock, NC.  Born in neighboring Hendersonville, NC, Sanders went on to do 16 more shows with the Flat Rock Play House, as well as several other productions in his home state.

By the age of sixteen Sanders made his transition from the stage to the small screen when he booked his first commercial for General Mills.  The following year he landed a small role in the Will Ferrell comedy Talladega Nights.

Christoph Sanders, Cody Hanford, Sean Wallace, William Yelton, Oliver Clayton-Luce

Sanders’ most recent work is opposite Dakota Fanning in the upcoming film Hounddog, which has just been accepted into the 2007 Sundance Film Festival Dramatic Competition.  He has just recently made the move to Los Angeles and looks forward to staying in California for as long as possible.

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