Lynne Stewart

The Story

Based on the true story of the life and conviction of radical and controversial human rights attorney Lynne Stewart.

The Team

Written, Directed and Produced by Deborah Kampmeier
Produced by Annarosa Mudd and Abigail Disney

Deborah Kampmeier’s second feature film “Hounddog,” was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.  It won the top jury prize, Best of the Show, at the 2009 Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto and Best Feature at the 2008 Foyle Film Festival in Northern Ireland.   Deborah’s first feature film “Virgin,” which she made for $65,000 was nominated for two 2004 Independent Spirit Awards, the John Cassavetes Award (given to the best feature made for under $500,000) and the Best Female Lead for Elisabeth Moss’ performance in the film. In addition, Kampmeier won Best Screenwriter at the 2003 Hamptons International Film Festival. And “Virgin” garnered Best Feature Film at the 2003 Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, won Best Independent Spirit at the Santa Fe Film Festival and Best Actress at the Sedona Film Festival. “Virgin” had its world premiere at the 2003 IFP Los Angeles Film Festival.  Deborah is the founder of Full Moon Films, a company dedicated to the development and production of films by and about women.

Abigail E. Disney is a filmmaker, philanthropist, and scholar. She has produced a number of documentaries focused on social themes, including the award-winning 2008 film “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” which discovered and shared with the world the little-known story of how a small band of women dared to break barriers of gender and politics in Liberia and end a century of entrenched civil war. The film inspired her to form Peace is Loud (, an organization that supports female voices and international
peace-building through nonviolent means. Her current project, “Women, War & Peace,” is in production for PBS Wide Angle by her production company, Fork Films. Fork Films LLC is a film production company based in New York City founded in 2007 dedicated to the development and production of films that move, inspire and enlighten. “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” was Fork Film’s first production.

Troy Johanson is currently producing with Deborah on her forthcoming films, Split and Lonely Hunter.  He is also an executive producer on Booster, a film by Matt Ruskin, which recently wrapped shooting in Boston. Troy is a founder of skrounge (a soon to be launched web startup) and consults on various media related projects.  Previously Troy was part of a boutique consulting firm in Seattle handling due diligence projects in a range of industries; from production companies to big pharma.  An angel investor himself, Troy has wide range of experience with venture fundraising.  Troy received a BSc from the London School of Economics.

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