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HOUNDDOG is that rarest of all movies, one about a young girl who is not blameless, lives in a world that demands her self-sacrifice, yet still chooses herself. Dakota Fanning, Robin Wright Penn and writer/director Deborah Kampmeier are panes of glass through which we see others clearly — yet also a reflection of ourselves. Like a good novel, Hounddog will stay with you. Women especially should see this important, unforgettable film — and take the men they love with them.

- Gloria Steinem

HOUNDDOG is a haunting film in which Dakota Fanning beautifully and bravely portrays a young girl who is raped.  Thousands of girls a year are raped, abducted, sold, and are victims of incest and yet there is a huge silence surrounding this issue.  This film bravely and poignantly breaks the taboo.

– Eve Ensler, writer and V-Day Founder

HOUNDDOG returns innocence to the adolescent discovery of sexuality, and restores hope for those whose innocence has been taken.  Dakota Fanning and Deborah Kampmeier take us on the emotional journey of a survivor who is following the song in her heart, amidst generations of women who are looking to provide the protection the world never game them.  A brilliantly poignant film that clearly depicts how free expression of female sexuality remains unacceptable in today’s world, and what survivors of sexual violence must do to reclaim their bodies and selves from their perpetrators.  We need more women in Hollywood like Kampmeier to uncover society’s oppression of women and to celebrate the triumphant transformation from victim hood to survival.

- Lindsey Horvath, President Hollywood, NOW

HOUNDDOG is a powerful film that splinters the facade of a taboo subject and allows us to experience the personal transition of shame to a healing of the spirit.  Dakota Fanning gives an unforgettable, kaleidoscope performance and is bracketed by the rich, multi-layered performances of Robin Wright Penn, Piper Laurie, David Morse, Afemo Omilami and Cody Hanford.  Deborah Kampmeier wrote, directed and produced this film that I can’t stop thinking about.

- Susan Davis, National Co-Vice chair of SAG Women’s Committee

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